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Weekly Classes

Online Classes

Thursdays, 7:30AM - 9:00AM Mountain Time, Qi Gong and Dao Yin

These foundational forms are used to instruct the body in the proper alignments, movements, and shapes needed for the internal practices of Nei Gong. These forms are part of the core syllabus of The Lotus Nei Gong School. Classes include warm up practices to open, connect, and align the body. Dao Yins and Dan Tian Gong are also taught as part of this class. This is an on-going class and is very suitable for students of the Internal Arts Academy.
* Please note if you are interested in becoming a new student please contact me personally.

Payment for Online Classes:
For a 1-1/2 hour class the range is $15 - $25(or however much more you desire if you are so blessed). If this makes the class prohibitive for you contact me personally to discuss possibilities.When you make a payment via PayPal or Venmo please list the date(s) you are paying for. Deep gratitude for your support of these teachings.

Venmo: @Mark-Jensen-RisingEarthStudio


Contact me if you're interested at

Note: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Consult your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program. The instruction and advice contained herein are in no way intended to be a substitute for medical counseling


In addition to my weekly classes I offer a series of workshops to introduce and deepen the basic Daoist principles of Qi Gong as taught by the Lotus Nei Gong School.


I am also continuing a series of workshops that are a return to my roots and an offering from the emergent edge of my own healing, Qi Gong practice, and my explorations of how to align with, navigate, and hold these challenging times on our beloved Earth. These will include the Deep Earth Dreaming, EarthPrayers Qi Gong, The Work That Reconnects, and Plant Spirit Circles.

A note on pandemic pricing. half day workshops are offered at a flat fee of $45, however we are striving to support anyone who wants to access these practices. If you need to receive support you are welcome to offer as little as $15; if you are in a position to offer additional support to this work you are welcome to contribute accordingly.


**Make sure you are on Mark's mailing list to be informed of upcoming workshop dates. To be added to the Workshop mailing list, please fill out the form on the Contact page. 

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