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COVID-19 Notice:

The office is temporarily closed during the Omicron surge. I am offering phone consultations and distance sessions.

All of my offerings, whether it’s Qi Gong, EarthPrayers Qi Gong, The Work That Reconnects, Deep Earth Dreaming, or private practice share the intention of helping people embody more deeply and find their own connection to Source, to Gaia, so that they might begin to cultivate a life from there, one that is more available to be moved to action by something greater than the small sense of self.


I believe this basic impulse, this philosophy, has always been at the heart of Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Chinese Medicine and shamanism; to bring about a more deeply embodied connection to ‘Self’. We look to cultivate this in ceremony and ritual, in sacred physical practice, and in the true healing arts; those that seek to address this deep cultural and cross generational wound of separation.

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