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"Mark Jensen is a true healer, in the deepest sense of the word. Of humans, and of the Earth. His knowledge, wisdom and grace are what are needed now, perhaps more than ever before, on the planet. Both as his close friend, and someone who has benefited from Mark’s healing work, I cannot recommend him, his teachings, and his work highly enough."

-Dahr Jamail, journalist and author of “The End of Ice: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption"

"Mark possesses a rare sense of mastery that can be earned only through humility, keen awareness, and the lifelong, detailed study of interdisciplinary crafts. His work in the world conveys a reverence for the full spectrum of nature, a profound willingness to be with the inner and outer alchemy of life, and a belief in healing grounded in phenomenology."    

  -Shawn Parell, E-RYT 500, M.A. in Eastern Classics and Sanskrit

“Words will not suffice to give you a sense of the depth of Mark’s presence and the wisdom that pervades his being.  I’ve worked closely with “powerful” shamanic teachers but the medicine Mark carries is rare in the current ego-drenched shamanic world: heart and humility.  This combination has endeared him to the spirits and allies, plant and otherwise, that one is blessed by in Mark’s presence.  Whether during a hands-on healing session, a plant medicine circle, or Qi Gong class, Mark’s spirit is a generous anchor that allows everyone to safely explore the depths of their being and begin to discover their own unique medicine and their life’s purpose. ”

-Leland Guthrie, PhD

“Through EarthPrayers, Mark Jensen brings ancient wisdom to this present precarious moment in Earth-time, reminding us of our essential, embodied role in the magical dance between Heaven & Earth, and giving us the gift of remembering who we truly are.”
-Megan Toben, Co-founder and Director The Eco-Institute at Pickard’s Mountain

Mark is a proverbial local legend in an incredible community of off-the-charts healers. His personal alchemical weaving of chiropractic, herbalism, cranial work and movement in the tradition of Nei Gong are all deeply integrated in his passionate support of healing the planet. The ultimate medicine.
-Sean Tebor, Guide of Conscious Embodiment, Of Origin Yoga

The Earth Prayers practice is simple and profound. It fosters connection with the Earth and gives rise to a sense of a deeper reality, a remembering of an ancient way of being and knowing that we are all part of Earth so that we can call on her in these troubling and confusing times. For such a big man, Mark has a very gentle way about him. He walks his talk and is a model Elder in his work with youth at our institute. Mark’s wisdom arises from a place of continual learning, exploration and personal practice. 
-Frank J Phoenix, Social Entrepreneur and Teacher


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